Whether you’re having the Stu Hirsh Orchestra or a Stu Hirsh Entertainment DJ play your reception, and your reception is outside, there are several things you must plan for in advance of the reception.   In no particular order, let’s start with protection from the weather. A tent or canopy, protecting the performers is essential. Yes, you can take your chances without a tent, but rain and wind are not fun for the band or DJ (or your guests). All kidding aside, any kind of precipitation, even the slightest mist, does not mix with electricity. And that’s what your band or DJ uses. Without overhead and side protection, the smallest amount of rain can place your entertainers at risk of electrocution. I’m not trying to be dramatic, it’s just a fact. The band and DJ are not only working with thousands of dollars of mostly electrical equipment, but their personal safety is even more important than the equipment. I know that tents are expensive, but at the very least you should consider a band tent or canopy, even if the rest of the party is not under the tent.

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