As I type this, there’s snow on the ground, a wind chill in the air and spring seems a long way off. But it’s not that far away! If you’re planning a Spring, outdoor wedding ceremony, here are some things that Stu Hirsh Entertainment would like you to think about, that apply to music….The weather is the first thing, but maybe not always that obvious. Temperatures that your guests can tolerate may not be good for acoustic instruments. Be sure to ask your ceremony musicians about it. Temperature extremes are bad for acoustic instruments like violins, harps, guitars and flutes. The musicians are not trying to be difficult, but they need to be careful of delicate and expensive instruments. Too hot, too cold, or too windy are all things to consider. And no one likes precipitation. Even if it’s a slight mist, rain is a no-no for musicians – unless they’re protected by a tent or canopy. An electric keyboard and water simply don’t mix. And speaking of keyboards, if electricity is needed, make sure that the outlet or generator is nearby. Try to give the musicians dedicated outlets – electrical power just for them, not sharing power with the caterer or lights – you don’t want to blow a fuse in the middle of the ceremony. That also applies to a sound system. Do the ceremony musicians supply speakers and microphones, or will you need to rent the equipment? To summarize….
• Ask your ceremony musicians what outdoor performance restrictions they may have.
• Do you need electricity and where is its source.
• Do you need a sound system and microphones.
• Is a tent or canopy for the musicians necessary.
Get all of these small details in writing, so there’s no confusion, and no misunderstandings. Some musicians may not like the extra paperwork, but you want to be protected – and not just from the weather!!!

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