What kind of Chicago wedding band are you looking for?

You have begun your search for a wedding band. And you’re specifically searching for a Chicago wedding band. You’re looking for a wedding band with versatility – a Chicago wedding band that can perform all styles of music. When it comes to your ceremony, you want a wedding band that can provide you with the music that you require. For your reception, you want a Chicago wedding band that can perform at cocktails, dinner and for dancing. You need to find a wedding band that is comprised of music professionals – individuals who are full-time musicians and who approach being a Chicago wedding band as a career, not as a hobby. And you absolutely are going to want to find a wedding band that is fun and exciting – a Chicago wedding band that can deliver the music that you want to hear and entertain you and your guests, making your wedding a memorable event.

The Stu Hirsh Orchestra – Not Your Typical Wedding Band

The Chicago wedding band that can do all of these things is The Stu Hirsh Orchestra. The Stu Hirsh Orchestra is far more than the typical wedding band that you’ll find in Chicago. The Stu Hirsh Orchestra is considered one of Chicago’s top dance orchestras. They have performed at over one thousand wedding ceremonies and receptions, plus, they were selected to perform for Princess Diana! What Chicago wedding band can make that claim? Only one…The Stu Hirsh Orchestra.

Stu Hirsh – Wedding Band Leader

Stu Hirsh and The Stu Hirsh Orchestra have been performing as a dance band and wedding band for over twenty years. Stu Hirsh prides himself in being able to assist a bride and groom with music for all aspects of their wedding. Not every wedding band can do that. A wedding band should be able to develop a musical program that reflects the musical tastes of a bride and groom. As a top wedding band in Chicago, Stu will always sit down with a bride and groom to discuss their musical likes and dislikes.

What Is An Average Chicago Wedding Band?

You need to hire a Chicago wedding band that will do more than just go through the motions. Many a wedding band will perform the same old, tired music that a typical wedding band plays at every party. This is the kind of wedding band that doesn’t care about your musical thoughts and ideas. This is the kind of Chicago wedding band that just wants to get through with the reception, get paid and go home.

The Attentive Wedding Band

The Stu Hirsh Orchestra knows that a wedding band needs to be sensitive to the specific musical tastes of every bride and groom. Stu will ask you to describe the styles of music that you want to hear at your wedding. Do you want a wedding band that only plays Swing and Big Band music? Or do you only want to hear Motown and Disco? Or do you want a Chicago wedding band that will play a large variety of styles? A wedding band needs to ask what kinds of musical entertainment and styles of music you enjoy listening to and dancing to.

Chicago Wedding Band and Ceremony Music

But let’s begin with your ceremony. Your wedding ceremony is a very personal part of the entire wedding day. This is where a wedding band must really know its music. Recognized as a leading wedding band in Chicago, The Stu Hirsh Orchestra has played for Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and even Buddhist ceremonies. As a highly skilled wedding band, the Orchestra has a vast repertoire of wedding music. A wedding band that knows the various parts of the Catholic Wedding Mass is not easily found, but Stu Hirsh has the expertise to know the appropriate music to play for a Mass. If you are having a Jewish ceremony, then a Chicago wedding band, with the experience of the Stu Hirsh Orchestra, can easily navigate through the parts of the Jewish wedding ceremony. The same holds true for a Protestant wedding, as well. It is rare to find a wedding band that has any kind of religious or classical music repertoire. But The Stu Hirsh Orchestra has exactly that. As an extremely versatile wedding band, The Stu Hirsh Orchestra has a huge repertoire of classical and religious music. The instrumentation of a wedding band as versatile as The Stu Hirsh orchestra includes Stu Hirsh playing keyboard and piano, a saxophonist who play flute, trumpet player, guitarist, bassist and male and female vocalists. With the Stu Hirsh Orchestra, you have a wedding band that can play both classical and popular music. Any combination of these instruments and vocalists could perform at your wedding ceremony.

The Stu Hirsh Orchestra is also the kind of highly professional Chicago wedding band that can hire separate musicians to perform at your wedding. If you wanted a harpist or string quartet, musicians not found in a wedding band, then The Stu Hirsh Orchestra has the professional contacts in order to hire the perfect combination of performers for your ceremony. A wedding band that listens to you. A wedding band that will offer musical suggestions based on your wedding ceremony dreams and ideas. That is the kind of Chicago wedding band that The Stu Hirsh Orchestra is.

Chicago Wedding Band and the Cocktail Reception

You’ll find a Chicago wedding band that can play good dance music, but what about a wedding band that can play at your cocktail reception? Again, as a top Chicago wedding band, The Stu Hirsh Orchestra has the versatility to provide jus the right styles of music for the cocktail hour. As in so many situations, you will find a wedding band that will play great Rock and Roll, but they know very little about Broadway show tunes or jazz. This is where the versatility of a wedding band like The Stu Hirsh Orchestra shines through. A wedding band that can move from Cole Porter, to Charlie Parker, to Andrew Lloyd Weber, to Duke Ellington, to Kenny G is a rarity. But what is rare with a typical Chicago wedding band is readily available with a wedding band as talented as The Stu Hirsh Orchestra.

Who Are the Members of a Great Wedding Band – The Stu Hirsh Orchestra

The members of the Stu Hirsh Orchestra are highly skilled professionals who have been trained to understand and perform every style of music. A wedding band with this caliber of musicians is what separates a superior Chicago wedding band from the average wedding band that you usually encounter. The members of The Stu Hirsh Orchestra have been performing together for many years. Most members have been playing with The Stu Hirsh Orchestra for an average of ten years. Some of the players have been together for as long as twenty years! This makes for a cohesiveness not found in a typical wedding band. A typical wedding band has very transient personnel. Players come, players go. A typical Chicago wedding band leader may have different people playing in the band from one job to the next. This is a scary situation for a bride and groom who liked the band that they heard on a particular wedding band demo CD. The typical wedding band leader cannot, in all honesty, tell the bride and groom if those same performers will be in the wedding band when the wedding occurs. Not so for The Stu Hirsh Orchestra. As wedding band members, the performers of The Stu Hirsh Orchestra work exclusively with Stu Hirsh. Finding a wedding band such as The Stu Hirsh Orchestra with regular, full-time personnel will be extremely comforting, as you sort through the many wedding band options that are available to you.

A Chicago Wedding Band Without Equal

And finding a wedding band with full-time players is not only comforting, it’s also very exciting – especially when you hear and see a Chicago wedding band with the musical energy of The Stu Hirsh Orchestra. And that excitement, fun, versatility and sophistication is exactly what The Stu Hirsh Orchestra brings to the dance floor. A wedding band with superb vocalists, who are adept at very style of music, perform with a dynamic stage presence. An electrifying horn section, seldom found in the usual Chicago wedding band, recreates every musical style to perfection. And Stu Hirsh, at the piano and keyboards, leads a rhythm section comprised of guitar, bass and drums, which forms the musical foundation of the Orchestra. This wonderful combination of musical talent is what makes The Stu Hirsh Orchestra a Chicago wedding band that is without equal.

Chicago Wedding Band and Dance Music

As Chicago’s premier wedding band, The Stu Hirsh Orchestra maintains a huge repertoire. Swing, Big Band, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, Disco, Motown and Top 40 hits are just some of the styles you’ll find in the song selections of a wedding band that has the versatility of the Stu Hirsh Orchestra. Is your first dance a Viennese waltz and then do you want to hear Blues Traveler? Sinatra, Glen Miller and Tony Bennett, followed by the Stones, Sade and Sheryl Crow – it’s not a problem for The Stu Hirsh Orchestra, a wedding band that wants to satisfy all of your musical desires.

As a unique and very accomplished Chicago wedding band, The Stu Hirsh Orchestra specializes in creating the perfect musical atmosphere for your wedding. Stu Hirsh is a wedding band leader who is dedicated to working with a bride and groom, so that he can make their musical wedding dreams a reality. Stu Hirsh expertly taps the mood of every wedding and delivers just the right combination of tunes and tempo that ignites the dance floor and makes every wedding memorable. The Stu Hirsh Orchestra – The Chicago wedding band for you.